Left alone on the side of the gravel road,

absent of a home.

Without any family or friends.

The snow is sprinkling onto the ground,

and you didn’t even give me a jacket. 

You tossed me out of your rusty old truck, 

abandoning me in the void.



The first time I laid with you
was my first time in bed with someone.
The warmth of your vessel against my own.
Your heated breath caressing my navel
with your hands cupping my rosy cheeks.
Now I lay alone,
absent of intimacy.


His lips massaged my pale forehead,

our legs entangled in the silk sheets

His bony fingers stroked strands of my hair

I giggled with pink dusted cheeks,

gazing into his chocolate eyes

His smile began to fade, he glanced away

from my flushed round face

I clenched his cold hand,

caressing my thumb over his palm

What’s wrong?

My bottom lip quivered

a sigh escaped his mouth as he began to


There’s another. 

The Heartbreaker

A woman with short blonde hair, 

blood colored lips forming a smirk, 

and a fuchsia velvety gown revealing

her long and delicate legs

Luring men and women alike

with her charismatic charm 

Tugging them in closer and closer 

then breaking them for enjoyment,

for selfish pleasure

Her next target lies across the room, 

anware of her constant devilish glares 

One by one, 

one innocent life at a time,

heartbreaking is her forte 

She does not do it for lust

She does it to kill boredom 






I lie awake in bed,

watching your breathing patterns

Sleeping peacefully like a wisp

hiding in the attic

Occasionally smiling whilst lost 

in the dream land,

in another universe

The gentle moonlight peeks through the half-shut blinds

dusting your forehead

How lucky I am to lie here with you,

inhaling your pumpkin scented hair

Together we are one