To My Future Self

One day you will treasure your beloved body like you should. 

Your will hold your head high, 

eyes beaming with sparkles.

Taking each step as only a bit further up the ladder. 

Delighted with your accomplishments and success, 

courageous and adventurous as ever. 

You will be loved and wanted,

just as you are now. 

But one day, you will know that. 



Tree of Life

Droplets of water dangle

off of the brittle branches 

as the birds sing in the morning sun. 

An illuminated glow surrounds the tree

as animals and children flock 

to its humble presence as it stands tall 

in the wooded forest, 

looking down at the flushed cheeks 

giggling beneath it. 



His lips massaged my pale forehead,

our legs entangled in the silk sheets

His bony fingers stroked strands of my hair

I giggled with pink dusted cheeks,

gazing into his chocolate eyes

His smile began to fade, he glanced away

from my flushed round face

I clenched his cold hand,

caressing my thumb over his palm

What’s wrong?

My bottom lip quivered

a sigh escaped his mouth as he began to


There’s another. 


I lie awake in bed,

watching your breathing patterns

Sleeping peacefully like a wisp

hiding in the attic

Occasionally smiling whilst lost 

in the dream land,

in another universe

The gentle moonlight peeks through the half-shut blinds

dusting your forehead

How lucky I am to lie here with you,

inhaling your pumpkin scented hair

Together we are one