To My Future Self

One day you will treasure your beloved body like you should. 

Your will hold your head high, 

eyes beaming with sparkles.

Taking each step as only a bit further up the ladder. 

Delighted with your accomplishments and success, 

courageous and adventurous as ever. 

You will be loved and wanted,

just as you are now. 

But one day, you will know that. 



My Girl

Every night I lie awake thinking about you, and my mind can never seem settle down. The way your eyes glisten and sparkle as you smile with joy in response to my idiotic jokes. You have a heart of gold and I can tell it will never, ever melt. Knowing that you have endured such hardships causes me pain and discomfort, but then I remember how independent and fierce you are. You drew a picture of me once and I couldn’t believe how much talent you radiated. You’re an artist, a musician, a lover, and a fighter. No man, woman, disease, or challenge could ever tear you down and strip you of your morals. You’re a role model, an inspiration, and someone I hold dear to my soul.