“I never thought I’d be doing this again.”

A drag from a cigarette, a sip from a glass of vodka, slipping a tablet of something mysterious under your tongue. You never thought you would make that choice again, not after almost losing your life after making some careless decisions with your friends. However, a drag from that cigarette and a drink from that glass make you feel relaxed. That mysterious tablet you slipped under your tongue is causing you to see stars and rainbows. Relaxation leads to happiness, and happiness leads to euphoria. Why do we always bend towards the negative choices? Why do these things relax us? Why do these habits calm our nerves? Drugs, alcohol, and sex are all addictions that can lead someone to a form of joy. But is it really joy? Taking those pills may give you a high, they may make you forget that your brother died, but escaping reality may not be the answer to ecstasy.

“I never thought I’d be doing this again.”

That is what we all say when we want to push away the troubles of the real world.


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