The Window

Something shifts in my backyard out of the corner of my eye. What was that thing? Did I even see anything at all? It was nighttime, so it was probably just my imagination. But, then again, what if it wasn’t all in my head? My parents were both asleep, yet, there I was awake in the kitchen all alone. I took a step over to the window, and I was convinced that my mind was playing games with me. Anxiety was something I constantly struggled with, and it wasn’t the first time I had seen something unexplainable. I glanced outside only to see something staring at me. A humanoid creature with long legs, two deformed arms each with massive claws, and a face of nightmares. Was it an alien? Was it a demon? Was is a beast? Why was it in my backyard watching my every move? Was it hungry? It looked as if it were smiling at me, and I could swear that its face began to twist upside down. Suddenly, it was frowning at me, and it was angry. 


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